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Wyoming Intestacy Laws

These are selections from the Wyoming intestate succession statutes.

52-4-101. Rule of descent; generally; dower and curtesy abolished.
(a) Whenever any person having title to any real or personal property having the nature or legal character of real estate or personal estate undisposed of, and not otherwise limited by marriage settlement, dies intestate, the estate shall descend and be distributed in parcenary to his kindred, male and female, subject to the payment of his debts, in the following course and manner:

(i) If the intestate leaves husband or wife and children, or the descendents of any children surviving, one-half (1/2) of the estate shall descend to the surviving husband or wife, and the residue thereof to the surviving children and descendents of children, as hereinafter limited;

(ii) If the intestate leaves husband or wife and no child nor descendents of any child, then the real and personal estate of the intestate shall descend and vest in the surviving husband or wife.

(b) Dower and the tenancy by the curtesy are abolished and neither husband nor wife shall have any share in the estate of the other dying intestate, save as herein provided.

(c) Except in cases above enumerated, the estate of any intestate shall descend and be distributed as follows:

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