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New York Intestacy Calculator℠

See what happens when you die without a will in New York by using the Intestacy Calculator℠ below.  This program interprets the New York intestate succession statutes, determines the next of kin who are the heirs, and calculates the dollar amount given to each intestate heir. You can also read selected portions of the state intestate laws or open the state government sponsored legal site here.

Enter an intestate estate value and answer the marital status question. Continue answering questions until the answer is automatically shown.

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UPDATE 10/15/2014 Revised Intestacy Calculators for individual states are anticipated to begin posting for public use by 12/31/2014.

Please note that everything on this site has been created and is maintained by just one person.

Each state's program is different from every other state, requiring hours and hours of research, planning, coding, and testing; all accomplished by one person as time permits. The Intestacy Calculators℠ are being greatly improved upon and getting them back online in their new format will take time.

Your continued interest is greatly appreciated.

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