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Do adopted children receive intestate property?
Adopted children generally receive... CLICK HERE
How do the Intestacy Calculators™ operate?
Although they may seem to... CLICK HERE
Do Vermont wills require three witnesses?
Many internet sources... READ MORE
Does the state take intestate property?
The state may take intestate... READ MORE
Who pays for the funeral?

Although the estate pays... READ MORE

How are credit shelter trusts funded?
In order to use the applicable... READ MORE
Why are wills notarized?
Notarization provides conclusive proof that... READ MORE
Do probate avoidance methods make wills unnecessary?
Active probate avoidance techniques... READ MORE
How can trusts reduce the Federal estate tax?
The applicable exclusion amount... READ MORE
Does a mortgage need paid after death?
A mortgage will not be... READ MORE
Is life insurance subject to the federal estate tax?
Life insurance may be taxed, depending upon... READ MORE
How are intestacy laws interpreted?
Statutes are most easily interpreted by... READ MORE
Who can contest a will?
The right to contest a will through... READ MORE
Which state's intestate laws apply?
Tangible and intangible personal... READ MORE
How are items of intestate personal property divided?
Each item is given a fair market value, which is then... READ MORE
Does notarization ensure that I have a legally valid will?
While certain documents are not legally... READ MORE
Does a caregiver receive a greater share of the intestate estate?
Inheritance rights are based upon... READ MORE
What is the basis of the federal estate tax?
The federal estate tax is based upon ownership of... READ MORE
Why does the Federal estate tax return in 2011?
A sunset provision was included in the law in order to... READ MORE
Will the house be sold if an heir wants or needs to live in it?
All property that belongs to the intestate estate... READ MORE
Is a child's spouse entitled to part of the intestate estate?
There aren't any states with intestacy laws that... READ MORE
Are my children entitled to my ex-spouse's estate?
Most married couples own their property in... READ MORE
How is land or a house divided among multiple heirs?
Intestate real estate that must be distributed... READ MORE
Are family members liable for the deceased's debts?
A person's individual debts remain... READ MORE
What is the estate tax "applicable exclusion amount"?
The applicable exclusion amount is the dollar... READ MORE
How is the federal estate tax calculated?
The federal estate tax can be calculated by subtracting... READ MORE
What about the family exemption / homestead property?
The Intestacy Calculators™ operate with greater... READ MORE
Why didn't it ask about my "brothers / step-children / etc."?
If a family member is not asked about, that... READ MORE
Why doesn't it always ask about grandchildren, etc.?
The per stirpes system of distribution goes on... READ MORE

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